Prestige ColorPic Lets You See What Your Walls Would Look Like with a Fresh Coat of Paint

You don’t have to just imagine what your walls would like with a new color of paint — you can actually see it. And not just in your mind’s eye either, but rather on your phone. It’s all possible with a new app from Prestige Paints called ColorPic. Promising to “forever change the process of choosing a paint color and buying interior and exterior paint,” this new app does away with those tiny little swatches that you can only see from about two feet away, as well as those baby paint buckets that require you to actually get out a paintbrush.

With the ColorPic app, Prestige Paints is giving folks the opportunity to check out how more than 2,400 paint colors would look on their walls in real time. To access this extensive palette, simply download the ColorPic app, which is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, then photograph the room you’d like to repaint. Or, if you’re just looking for inspiration in general, you can choose a standard room from ColorPic’s preloaded gallery.

From there, you’ll be able to use the app’s color wheel to choose a new hue and place it directly onto the walls in your photo. The ColorPic app claims to re-create even the subtleties of your walls, including how shadows and lighting might affect how a color appears. And if you want the opinions of friends and family members (proceed with caution), you can share your colorful images on social media.

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