Inspiring Your Life With Color


This Year’s Hottest Exterior Paint Colors

While color trends are always changing, house exterior paint colors are slower moving than the rest. Plus, there are a lot of outside factors (no pun intended) that determine the paint color that’s best for the exterior of your house. What factors should you consider? Depending on where you’re located, home exterior paint colors might


How Color Can Affect Your Mood

Believe it or not, colors can affect your mood – even if you don’t realize it. Think about the color your surrounded by the next time you feel anxious, calm, sad… It might be the color influencing your mood. Color is all around us, in our homes, at businesses, shopping centers, and everywhere online. Many


Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors You’ll Want To See

We all know that investing in your kitchen can have great returns when you go to sell your home. But investing in your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, painting your kitchen cabinets isn’t only a cost-effective update, it’s also super trendy.


Top Paint Colors To Create a Relaxing Space

Believe it or not, color can do so much for us. It can affect our mood without us even realizing it. So creating spaces in your home that are relaxing and comforting have so much to do with color. Each color has


The Most Gorgeous White Living Rooms To Inspire You

Living rooms tend to be places where we spend a lot of time. Whether reading a book, watching tv or enjoying company, all of it typically revolves around the living room. So why shouldn’t your living room be gorgeous? Many of you may overlook white paint, but it’s got some amazing potential as it gives

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