How Color Can Affect Your Mood


Believe it or not, colors can affect your mood – even if you don’t realize it. Think about the color your surrounded by the next time you feel anxious, calm, sad… It might be the color influencing your mood. Color is all around us, in our homes, at businesses, shopping centers, and everywhere online. Many logos are blue because they relay a sense of trust and dependability. Think of blue logos like; American Express, Dell, Facebook, Ford, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Lowe’s for example.

So what does each color mean? Let’s take a look.

Red: Love & Excitement

When you think of red, you probably think of love – which is what the color has come to mean. Whether it’s red roses or a red heart-shaped box of chocolates, the color red is bright and attractive. On the opposite end, red can also mean anger and danger. Either way, it’s stimulating and exciting.

Blue: Calm & Trust

As we said above, the reason so many corporate logos are blue is to bring a sense of trust. It also brings calm and serenity, even peace. Blue is commonly associated with being conservative and can inspire feelings of loyalty as well.

Orange: Enthusiasm & Attention

Not to mention encouragement. Orange is social and inviting and is the color on extroverts everywhere. If you’re looking for a color that exudes joy and demands attention – look no further than orange.

Green: Envy & Growth

Green brings a sense of renewal, a time of growth and abundance. If you’re looking to feel restful and secure, give a shade of green a try.

Yellow: Warmth & Energy

Yellow brings energy and optimism. A color that will help you feel energized, youthful and ready to take on anything.

Purple: Mystery & Wealth

Think reflection and self-awareness. Purple is the color of royalty and luxury.

Brown: Reliability & Strength

As it’s the color of the earth, it only makes sense that the color brown would be one of stability, reliability, and strength. It’s natural and simple yet also the color of safety and confidence.

Pink: Romance & Kindness

Sensitivity, romance, kindness… these are all the things that the color pink brings to the table. Not to mention it’s associated with femininity, passion and tenderness, and even vulnerability.

Black: Sophisticated & Secretive

Did you know that black is the absence of color? I remember having a fight with my middle school art teacher about that one. But regardless, black creates a barrier. It’s strong, powerful and yet formal and sophisticated. And we can’t forget sexy. It brings thoughts of fear and evil and a lack of hope.

White: Purity & Innocence

In contrast to the color black being the absence of color, white is not really a color at all – it contains all wavelengths of color but is not a color itself, not technically. White is often associated with purity, innocence, light and all goodness. It also brings a sense of safety and cleanliness. Even a successful beginning.

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