House Speaker Paul Ryan Visits Prestige Paints

Photo courtesy of Kasey K. Photo

We’re the number one selling interior and exterior paint brand on and that caught someone’s attention.  On Friday, May 12 House Speaker Paul Ryan came to Prestige Paints to learn more about us, how we do business with Amazon, and how we’re using technology to sell paint.


After meeting with our co-founders, Jeff Peterson and Mark Becker, and their partners, Paul Ryan took a tour of the warehouse space where the paint is tinted, packaged, labelled, and prepared for shipping. Peterson and Becker also demonstrated how our app, Prestige ColorPic, works; take a picture of a wall, virtually paint it any of our 2400+ colors (or any of our competitors’ colors) until you find the one you love, then select ‘Buy Now’ which takes you right to where you choose the finish you’d like then purchase, and if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll have your paint in two days.


Overall, it was an exciting day for Prestige Paints and we’re beyond thrilled that House Speaker Paul Ryan choose to visit us.


For more photos and videos of the event, head over to Facebook and visit the Prestige Paints page or Geneva Supply’s.

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