2017 Colors of the Year

We thought we would join in on the fun of trying to forecast the most popular colors of 2017. ¬†Check out what we and our designers, Tracy Porter, Shell Rummel, and Nikki Chu, decided on….


Nikki Chu's picks; Amethyst & Foggy

Nikki Chu's picks; Nothing But Neutral and Spa Day
Nikki Chu’s picks; Amethyst, Foggy, Nothing But Neutral, and Spa Day

Our picks; Lemon Kiss and Misty

Our picks; Seafarer and Tides In
Our picks; Lemon Kiss, Misty, Seafarer, and Tides In

Shell Rummel's picks; Coral and Mineral

Shell Rummel's picks; Oyster and Pearl
Shell Rummel’s picks; Coral, Mineral, Oyster, and Pearl

Tracy Porter's picks; Scotch Moss and Bourbon

Tracy Porter's picks; She's Wild and Forget Me Not
Tracy Porter’s picks; Scotch Moss, Bourbon, She’s Wild, and Forget Me Not


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