2017 Colors of the Year

We thought we would join in on the fun of trying to forecast the most popular colors of 2017.  Check out what we and our designers, Tracy Porter, Shell Rummel, and Nikki Chu, decided on….


Nikki Chu's picks; Amethyst & Foggy

Nikki Chu's picks; Nothing But Neutral and Spa Day
Nikki Chu’s picks; Amethyst, Foggy, Nothing But Neutral, and Spa Day

Our picks; Lemon Kiss and Misty

Our picks; Seafarer and Tides In
Our picks; Lemon Kiss, Misty, Seafarer, and Tides In

Shell Rummel's picks; Coral and Mineral

Shell Rummel's picks; Oyster and Pearl
Shell Rummel’s picks; Coral, Mineral, Oyster, and Pearl

Tracy Porter's picks; Scotch Moss and Bourbon

Tracy Porter's picks; She's Wild and Forget Me Not
Tracy Porter’s picks; Scotch Moss, Bourbon, She’s Wild, and Forget Me Not


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